Truth or Tale?

Alternative Energy

   What do we know about alternative energy?We know that it refers to any source of usable energy intended to supplement or replace fuel sources without the undesired consequences of the replaced fuels - pollutin , climate change , difficulties of radioactive waste disposal.    So if pollution is such a major problem why don't we replace the fuels used with energy taken from the sun,wind,waves or other sources of energy?

  We are told that it is very expensive and we still do not have the proper technology.But is it true?Actually the true potential of these mediums remains unexpressed.

Solar Energy

  Solar energy, derived from the sun,has such abundance, that one hour of light at high noon contains more energy than what the entire world consumes in a year.If we could capture 1/100th of a percent of this energy,the world would never have to use oil, gas or anything else.The questioning is not availability but the technology to harnesst it.Do we have the tehnology?Of course we do but if the fossil fuels were replaced , where would the big energy companies gain profit from?

 If we covered the Sahara Desert with the photovoltaic cells, we could cover all the energy requirements of the earth.

Moreover,Solar energy can be collected and stored in batteries, absorbed and transmitted.Like most energy sources, solar energy can be collected and stored in almost any form of storage designed to hold energy. Energy storage like battery is very important if we want to involve solar energy in our modern way of life. We demand energy almost anytime and we expected to be available immediately. This is a problem since solar energy only available during daylight. For this reason, storing energy is a very crucial application. This application is usually integrated into solar photovoltaic system where energy collected and stored almost instantaneously.
Photovoltaic is the technology in which light is converted into electrical energy. It is widely accepted today as a method for generating power by using solar cells packaged in photovoltaic modules. These modules are often connected in multiples as solar photovoltaic arrays which can be used to convert energy from the sun into electricity.

Wind Energy

   Wind energy has long been denounced as weak and due to being location driven, impractical. This is simply not true.The US department of energy admitted in 2007 that if wind was fully harvested in just three of Americas 50 states it could power the entire nation.                                                                                                                                     

     Building new windparks costs the same or less than building new generation sources that rely on fossil or nuclear fuel. 
     Wind energy is pollution-free, so it doesn't have hidden environmental or health costs. 
The price of wind isn't affected by volatile fuel prices, so wind energy can help to stabilize electricity prices. 


Tidal Energy

 Tidal power is derived from tidal shifts in the ocean.Installing turbines which capture this movement, generates energy.In the United Kingdom 42 sites are currently noted as available,forecasting that 34% of all the UK's energy could come from tidal power alone.  

 Wave power, which extracts energy from the surface motions of the oceans is estimated to have a global potential of up to 80.000 terawatt-hours a year.This means 50% of the entire planets energy usage could be produced from this medium alone.

Geothermal Energy

     Geothermal energy utilizes, what is called "heat mining",which, through a simple process using water, is able to generate massive amounts of clean energy.In 2006, an MIT report on geothermal energy found that 13.000 zetajule of power are currently available in the earth with the possibility of 2.000 ZJ being easily tapable with improved technology.The total energy consumption of all the countries on the planet is about half of a zetajule a year.This means about 4000 years of planetary power could be harnessed


    These energy sources are only a few of the clean renewable mediums available and as time goes on we will find more.

     The grand realization is that we have total energy abundance without the need for pollution.
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