Truth or Tale?

John Fitzgerald Kennedy - More than a president

     As most people know , JFK was the first catholic president of the USA involved in civil rights defense , Cuban Missile Crisis , Berlin Wall Speech and much more(more info)   What most people don't know is that he was extremely courageous and put his ideals above his own life.He was the first president ho had the courage to criticize the government , the CIA and secret societies, as many would argue.

 "Something very bad is going on within the CIA and I want to know what it is. I want to shred the CIA into a thousand pieces and scatter them to the four winds."- JFK                                   

   After 1961 (Bay of Pigs Invasion)Kennedy  fired Allen Dulles(head of CIA) and his secretary Robert Bissel.                                                          
   He made a public speech in which he stated that the truth is being hidden from us and all the information is altered.

Below you can see the highlights of his speech.If you want to see the full speech check the full speech rubric.

This was surely not the type of a "puppet-president" that the government had in plan.So , on November 22 1963 J.F.K was killed while on a political trip.
  Why would a man who tells the truth be assasinated , why would such a common as Oswald want to kill a man who fought for peace and freedom of rights?Were JFK's words against Oswald?Or where they against the government?Against the CIA?
   The two CIA agents were supposed to form a human shield. Why are they told to back down and leave the presidential car unguarded?

   It is clearly seen that one of the agents is confused when told to stand away from the car.
  Moreover , why was Oswald killed and was not let to be judged?As he stated , he had his own story about the assassination.In fact he was not arrested for killing Kennedy.He was arrested for killing a police officer who tried to stop him while he was fleeing from something.When he was arrested he declared "I did not kill Kennedy.I am just a patsy" . It is clear that a more complex operation had taken place and Oswald was going to reveal it in trial.He never managed to because as he was being moved to another jail  was killed by Jack Ruby , a nightclub operator connected to the Mafia.
Clearly, Oswald had important information which could have not been revealed.So his assassination was ordered.But what was in for Ruby?Did he prefer jail?Actually he successfully appealed his conviction and death sentence , but as a new date for his new trial was being set he became ill and died.

  So many coincidences..doesn't it make you wonder?Even if 40 years has passed JFK's assassination is still questioned. One of the most relevant but hard to prove it is actually genuine is Roscoe White's diary which tells the actual story

♦ Ricky White (the son of Roscoe White, who was a Dallas policeman) claims that his father’s diary reveals that he was part of a three-man assassination team in Kennedy’s murder. The diary stated that there were six shots fired — two by his father. Roscoe White was behind the wooden fence on top of the grassy knoll and had the code-name Mandarin. His first shot hit the President in the throat. His second shot hit the President in the head. Of the other two assassins, one was located in the Dallas County Records Building and used the code name Saul. The third assassin was located in the Texas School Book Depository Building and used the code-name Lebanon. The diary also said that Mauser rifles were used in the assassination. Ricky White remembers his father giving him two rifles after the assassination in Dallas. One was an Argentinian rifle and the other was a 7.65 Mauser.

   Ricky White claims that the diary showed that Oswald knew of the assassination plot but did not fire any shots. Oswald was told to bring his rifle to work on November 22, 1963, and to build a sniper's nest with boxes by the sixth floor window. All three of the assassins had an assistant whose job was to disassemble the rifles and take them away.

   The diary also states that Roscoe White and Oswald had plans to escape together after the assassination and go to Red Bird Airport in south Dallas. Their driver was J.D. Tippit, who did not know anything concerning the plot. While driving the two in south Dallas, Tippit heard radio reports of the assassination and suspected that his two passengers were involved. Oswald became agitated and jumped out of the car. White got out of the car and shot Tippit with a pistol when Tippit told him he would have to take White downtown for questioning. Ricky White says that the diary (which he claims is no longer in his possession) states: "I killed an officer at Tenth and Patton."♦

   Several conspiracy theories support the same thing : JFK's assasination was a complex operation involving the government , the CIA , the Mafia , Cuban agencies and others also.(see more)

John F.Kennedy was not afraid of death.Through his speech he transmitted a very important message to the world.And this message was above his life.

"A man may die, nations may rise and fall, but an idea lives on."-JFK -all rights reserved-