Truth or Tale?

Has man really set foot on moon?

   As  we  all know The United States space agency NASA achieved the first manned landing on Earth's Moon as part of the Apollo 11 mission commanded by Neil Armstrong. On July 20, 1969, Armstrong, accompanied by Edwin 'Buzz' Aldrin, landed the lunar module Eagle on the surface of the Moon, while Micheal Collins orbited above. Armstrong and Aldrin spent a day on the surface of the Moon before returning to Earth. NASA carried out six manned moon landings between 1969 and 1972.

      Anyhow , can we believe that man has really succedeed to walk on moon land or is it just a hoax,just a made up scenery?Some conspiracy theories pretend the landing on the moon was entirely faked.Others believe that men did land on the moon, but that the photography was of very low media quality and in most cases unsuitable or even unusable. Therefore the U.S. government (NASA), since it had to present proof of the space program's success to justify taxpayers' money and keep the program alive, altered, modified and even faked many of the pictures and video, launching a subsequent media campaign with great success. 

 Let's see what lead these conspiracy theories.Most of the theories have been whether busted or explained scientifically(great mythbusters scene) but there are still some issues that couldn't be explained. Major theories consist of the following points:

 *The sun can be clearly seen in all photos but where are the stars?

 *Why is the flag waving if there is no atmosphere on the moon?and no wind or breezes?(busted)

 *The flag is not moving as it is shown on pictures taken successively;on the recording it stood still for over 5 minutes.(click on the third picture to see the animation)

  *The Lander  weighed 17 tons  and sat on top of the sand making no impression but directly next to it footprints can be seen in the sand.

 * The astronaut is  standing on the surface of the Moon in direct sunlight, yet he casts no shadow, which is impossible


   *Only two men walked on the Moon during each Apollo mission, yet there are photos in which the astronaut reflected in the visor has no camera. Who took the shot?The Apollo astronauts carried cameras that were attached to the front of their spacesuits. In this Apollo 12 photograph of astronaut Alan Bean [see photo], taken by Pete Conrad, one can clearly see Bean's camera mounted to his chest. The astronauts aimed and operated the cameras while they remained in this mounting. If you look closely at Conrad's reflection in Bean's visor, you can see Conrad's camera, which he is operating with his right hand.

*Earth based telescopes should be able to see the Apollo hardware on the Moon, yet none is visible. 

*Neil Armstrong refuses to give interviews, thus indicating he has something to hide

 * The Lunar Rover was too large to fit in the Lunar Module

So why would NASA fake the Apollo Mission?An example of a hoax theory:

 "The main reason why the US Government and NASA faked the 'official record' is because they could not be seen to be the weak link, especially when you consider that during the 60's, the USA were at the height of the Cold War with Russia. Also their own President had forecast that before the end of the 60's Man would be on the Moon. It would be better to try and fool the public and hoax the footage, rather than let their biggest rival in the World strike a huge moral victory by beating them to the Moon. If man really went to the Moon, why did NASA drop the successful Saturn 5 launch rocket after the last Apollo mission? The shuttle weighs 3/4 heavier than the Saturn 5 Rocket,  puts only 1/6th of cargo weight into orbit and costs 3 times as much to launch. The shuttle is basically a glider with no escape for the crew if things go wrong (as we all know they do). Why scrap a rocket that can outperform its newer model? The Shuttle was first flown 2 years behind schedule."

These are a few of the issues that have been used to sustain the hoax theory.Most of the ones who are not displayed here have been busted and proven wrong.A good example would be the busting of the flag theory which sustained that the flag could not have been moving because there was no atmosphere or wind on the moon(see below vid).

         Still , not all the theories have been proven wrong which leads to serious question marks.What about the stars , what about the flag not moving?But the real question is if NASA was able to land men on the Moon with such great success, why are there no plans to return and why haven't the Russians  sent  anyone? -all rights reserved-