Truth or Tale?

Number 23 Enigma

 Is it just our imagination or does this number appear too often.Is it more than a number or is it only a psychologically generated obsession?Are all of these coincidences or is it something paranormal about this phenomenon?

A few facts about number 23:

  • 2 / 3 = 0.666 (the sign of the Devil)
  • Julius Caesar was stabbed 23 times
  • 23 is the first prime number in which both digits are prime numbers and add up to another prime number
  •  December 23, 2012(20+1+2) - The date the Mayans believed the world will end.
  • The Hiroshima bomb was dropped at 8:15 (8+15=23)
  • Adolf Hitler organized the NAZI's on January 23. On November 23 he tried to take over
  • There are 23 letters in the Latin alphabet
  • 23rdians are a group of people who subscribe to the mystical power of 23 and see it in multiple combinations throughout daily life
  • Each parent contributes 23 chromosomes to the start of human life.
  • The nuclei of cells in human bodies have 46 chromosomes made out of 23 pairs.
  • Egg and sperm cells in humans have 23 chromosomes which fuse and divide to create an embryo.
  • The average human physical biorhythm is 23 days
  • Psalm 23, also known as the Shepherd Psalm, is the most quoted and best known Psalm
  • It takes 23 seconds for the blood to circle through the body
  • 23 vertebrae in the human body
  • Every 23rd wave crashing on a beach averanges twice the size as normal

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